There are many sites on the web that allow you to keep up with all of the political events going on. Undoubtedly the best one to visit is YouTube. A lot of the major broadcasters like Fox News and CNN upload all of their videos there anyways. So its great to have one place where you can find anything, but what if you are in a place that limits the internet and what pages you can visit. Many politicians are looking for ways to overcome these tough rules but there are other ways that are way easier. Streaming video technology has made it easier to keep in touch with all of your favorite things but there are other things that become tougher because of this. There is a pretty cool, easy to use tool that lets you unblock youtube videos online. Its called Instamapapp! You browse to using their form, then you go and visit the youtube video you are looking for. There are also many other sites like this one so if this one does not work for you, chances are you will find many others like it. Youtube has many great channels like Right Side Broadcasting Network. They have lots of great coverage of lots of major political events. No doubt YT has lots of great stuff to offer. Its great but it can be a problem if you cant get to it. Hopefully this post will help you get around web filters and web blocking.